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High River Health Foundation

High River Health Foundation

I have been working with the High River Health Foundation for approximately 10 years now and design and create all of their materials for funding programs like Dinner & Auction, High River Maternity, Cattle & Grain Roundup, Annual Appeal and so on.  I love these people, and I am very proud to be a part of all they do each and every year!  Also their website design and development at highriverhealthfoundation.ca

The mission of the High River District Health Care Foundation is to provide our donors with a means of enhancing the quality of health care available in our community.

We do this by prudently funding health care equipment, programs and education. Our goal is to build the High River District Health Care Foundation into the cornerstone of health care in our community.

The High River District Health Care Foundation was established on March 25th, 1986 and obtained charitable registration on October 16th, 1986.  For the first five years hospital staff ran the Foundation in addition to their regular departmental responsibilities. Our only fund raising activity was the annual Dinner and Auction, which continues to this day. The 2012 Dinner raised over $56,000, and supported enhancements to Acute Care.




  • Tates Lemonade
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