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A general guide to creative design & development

Logo Design

Level 1 Logo Project ($350-$700):
Tailored to small businesses and entrepreneurs needing a quality, custom logo design. A good deal of time is invested into a logo project, including time spent on: research, communication, brainstorming, lots of sketching, digitizing, revisions, presentation, file preparation, etc.

Level 2 Logo Project ($700-$1500):
This price range is for more difficult projects that require extra work and time investment. For example: highly illustrative logos, or projects that involve more branding consideration or development of a character or mascot.

Level 3 Logo Project ($1500 and up):
For companies requiring a more extensive approach. For example: creating a brand identity, in-depth research requirements, greater number of logo concepts required, design by committee.

Level 4 Logo Project (less than $350): 
An existing logo revamped, or if you have an idea in mind and need it brought to life, your project may fall into this category. A normal custom logo project that requires a lot of time investment will fall into one of the other pricing structures. So even tho its a revamp on an existing logo, the price could still be 350.00 depending on the work required to re do it.

Print Design

Brochure Design: 
A 3 panel brochure will typically start at around $350 and increase according to difficulty and brochure size. Designs requiring illustrative work, complex layouts or lots of photo editing will cost more.  again front back so 6 panels.

Postcard Design: 
A postcard design starts at around $200. Designs requiring illustrative work, complex layouts or lots of photo editing will of course cost more. This would be front and back.

Poster design: 
A poster design around $250-$400. Designs requiring illustrative work, complex layouts or lots of photo editing will of course cost more. If an hourly rate is your preference, this can be arranged.

Stationery Design: 
The cost of a letterhead 35.00
Lttr head business card and envelope design, starts at 200.00. The business card is the most time consuming project here.

Website Design

No website is alike, this cost can vary greatly from site to site, A fully designed and developed site starts at approx $1000.00 and goes up from there. See www.mclimo.com as an example of a 1800.00 site.

Sell product?
We got you covered.  Woocommerce available for products and services. Sell anything online.

What you get:
Clean well organized and designed professional WordPress site.
Content management system.  Means your able to log in and edit the site from anywhere.
Unlimited Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited emails, 500MB storage. Upgrades available
SSL certificate, https secure. $50/yr

$150.00 per year  |  Domain Name $15.00/yr

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A Graduate of ACAD 1984-1988, Calgary Alberta Canada. Specializing in Visual Communications.

I specialize in creating modern clean websites and brands, along with other creative services, with passion at affordable rates.  Have a look at some of my work, then I’m sure you’ll be eager to start your new project.


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